The Films

Alfred Hitchcock remains the most written about and, arguably, the most influential of filmmakers, yet little attention has been given to the many writers who worked with this master director. Author and film historian Steven DeRosa examines the films of Alfred Hitchcock from a variety of perspectives, with an eye toward giving the writers their due credit.

The Writers

Alfred Hitchcock often said that to him the time spent alone with the writer, creating storylines, developing characters, and plotting out new ways to create suspense and thrill an audience was what interested him most about the making movies. Here we explore those talented men and women who played a significant role in that part of the creative process.

Unproduced Projects

Alfred Hitchcock had many projects which came close to production—going as far as casting star performers, securing locations, designing sets, and drafting a shooting script—but for one reason or another never made it to the screen. This site has explored a number of these projects in great detail, including No Bail for the Judge, The Blind Man, Mary Rose, and the unproduced Frenzy.


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